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Standard Operation Procedure for Hot Works Operations


 A Hot Works Permit is required for any temporary operation that involves open flames or produces heat and/or sparks.  Such operations include, but are not limited to, brazing, cutting, grinding, soldering, thawing pipes, torch-applied roofing, and general welding.


  1. Contact Facilities Management Department Construction Manager, who is the Permit Authorizing Individual (P.A.I.), for Construction Services and Private Contractors working.
  2. Gain Authorization from P.A.I.
  3. Fill out Hot Works Permit.
  4. Follow ALL required precautions listed on Permit.


     Step 1.  Contact Facilities Management Department Construction Manager, or EH&S to obtain Permit:

    1.  Before performing any Hot Works operation, contact the P.A.I. to see if the work is necessary, can be done in a safer way, can be avoided, or can be done at another time that might be safer or more prudent.
    2.  Persons performing Hot Works operations, including all private contractors working on COMPANY buildings or property, are required to have a Permit prior to beginning any work.

     Step 2.  Gain Authorization:

    1.  The P.A.I. shall review the work to be done to confirm that the work meets the “Hot Works” criteria, and then will determine whether the work will affect the fire detection system in that area.  If the work to be done is in an area that is protected by a smoke and/or heat detection system, then notification shall be made to SECURITY so that the alarm in that area can be deactivated while work is being done.
    2.  The P.A.I. may either reject or grant approval of the pending Hot Works permit.  If the permit is granted the P.A.I will determine at that time the individual who will be responsible for “fire watch” at the work site while Hot Works is being performed.


    1.  When authorization has been granted and the “fire watch” individual has been named, he/she then becomes responsible for all precautions listed on the Hot Works Permit.  Authorization cannot be given unless all precautions are taken and meet requirements.  (See the Permit for precautions)

     Step 3.  Filling Out the Hot Works Permit:

    1.  Fill out the entire Permit, except for the Final Check Items.
    2.  The P.A.I shall review the completed permit for accuracy.
    3.  The Permit is issued and is only good for the time specified on the Permit.

     Step 4.  Follow ALL required precautions listed on Permit:

    1.  All precautions listed must be followed, otherwise the Permit can be revoked at anytime.
    2.  A fire watch must be posted at all times during Hot Works operations, and  must continue at least 4 hours after the work is completed.  The fire watch begins immediately after the Hot Works job is completed, and for the first hour MUST be continuous.  After one hour, the watch continues at 30 minute intervals for the next 3 hours.
    3.  All personnel (employees, contractors, or building occupants) must be suitably protected against hazards generated by the work.  Protective measures may include, but may not be limited to, Personal Protective Equipment, shields, screens, or exhaust fans.
    4. Any individual can be given the task of Fire Watch, however, the person to whom the permit is issued is ultimately responsible for the Hot Works operation and Fire Watch until such time as the 4-hour Fire Watch time period has expired.

     Step 5.  Cancel the Hot Works Permit:

    1.  After completion of the work, the Hot Works permit shall be taken down from the job site, the Fire Watch Sign-off portion shall be completed.  The individual assigned to Fire Watch must sign the completion verification and return the permit to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.
    2. It must be specified that Fire Watch has been in affect for the specified time, and no that fire extension was reported.  If fire extension did occur, then notification to the P.A.I. must be made immediately, at which time the Fire Marshal will be notified prior to Hot Works Permit being cancelled.
  •  If the fire detection system has been deactivated, SECURITY will be notified by the P.A.I. that Hot Works has been completed and to reactivate the alarm system.

I would recommend you download the Hot Works Permit with more fire checks and Cuffing, Welding and Brazing Activity Log and procedure - Document HERE
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