The Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations of 1988 are the a set of legal rules designed to protect workers from the risks of exposure to harmful chemicals.

Every hazardous material that you can come across at school or at work will have a set of regulations for it that specifies exactly how it should be used to be safe.

To ensure that they do not break the law employers must ensure all hazardous substances have a COSHH certificate and they let people who use the materials know how to use them safely. Even washing up liquid at work has a COSHH regulation.

It is the responsibity of employers that their employees follow COSHH rules. All employers must...

Assess the risks to health from chemicals and decide what controls are needed;
Use those controls and make sure workers use them;
Make sure the controls are working properly;
Inform workers about the risks to their health;
Train workers.
COSHH Information
COSHH Information
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