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We are passionate about Niagara Tridium and building management control systems. We live and breath HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems and can interface into any system that exists.

Workplace Pro/Java Desktop Environment (JDE) is our engineering tool where links between systems take place and control logic is created. Demand limiting, scheduling, set point definition, alarming, and control sequences are programmed in the JDE.

Sophisticated, interactive web pages (GxPages) that become the user interface are developed in the JDE, which will present live, dynamic data, sophisticated reports, and high-resolution graphics to you the user. With the flexibility to import digital pictures and third-party graphics, a new front-end can be created to meet any of your requirements.

Our Cost Profiler is designed to further help you manage and control energy costs. It assists you to pro actively manage your energy budgets, reconcile and allocate actual costs using metered data, and reduce energy expenditures. The Cost Profiler complements the existing reporting and analytics provided by our E2 Profiler component by allowing you to not only identify how much energy is being used, but also how much that energy costs in real money (Pounds and Pence). Our software delivers the information needed to deal with energy in financial terms.

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Standard Wi-Fi offers enhanced wireless capability when interfacing with the next generation of wireless sensors and devices.
JACE 8000 controllers also are configurable as an access point so that mobile phones and tablets can display information and advanced graphics. Expansion also is available when interfacing with other wireless field buses seen in connected buildings.


We are official Systems Integrator partner for Tridium, Sedona, Honeywell Centraline, Distech and Easy IO. We design and install bespoke building control solutions for specific projects and are able to fully customise the Niagara technology to meet the particular requirements of each of our clients. The Java-based Framework creates a common environment that connects to almost any embedded device imaginable, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol. The system then models the data and behaviour of the devices into normal software components.


Remote access to your building management system (BMS) or heating / cooling system is essential and we can offer a full remote BMS monitoring and support service without the need for a static IP address.
By wiring Niagara components together, we build control strategies, alarming, and scheduling applications as well as browser-based displays and reports.


Remote online access to controller, Remote online management for your maintenance team and our engineers, 24/7 Monitoring of the remote controller and status, Multi-computer support across all platforms, IPAD, MAC, IPHONE, Android, HTML systems, Proactive alerts to our service department 24/7, Reporting on important events and inventory information. Security is of course paramount and we use the latest security technology to ensure optimum data safety


We only use Tridium, because they are the leading supplier of software for HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) automation, monitoring and integration applications in buildings. Tridium universal software framework, Niagara AX, is targeted at solving the challenges associated with managing smart devices in buildings online. Niagara provides a software infrastructure to integrate diverse systems and devices, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol, into a unified platform that can easily be managed online, in real time, using a standard web browser, you can't get any better.


Let us reduce your costs and control your energy usage. All commercial buildings need energy efficient, affordable and easy-to-use heating, ventilation and climate controls. We specialise in the integration of all building management systems (BMS) and can equip any building whether new, renovated or converted - with BMS controls that guarantee you a comfortable environment and efficient operation.


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Submitting your Design

You can submit your design for an obligation FREE quote by eMail.
You must include a description of operation (how you want the system controlled) and a mechanical layout drawing.
Maxking Limited will review your submission, transform the design into input / output modules along with a software design quote for your review.

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