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New System Maintenance Website

Hi all, we have a new web site design with all the files, plus more added.

All your user accounts have been moved to the new web site which is now at http://www.system-maintenance.com

The web site is easier to navigate as well as checking out, why not log into your account and see for yourself.

We have also linked the web site items to FACEBOOK (SystemMaint) and TWITTER (SystemMaint).

Don't take my word for this, go to the site and see for yourself.

Finally, happy new year and thank you for your custom.

PS. Full Members have as normal full access and all downloads are free.

CIBSE Volume B: Installation and Equipment Data - 419 pages
CIBSE Volume B: Installation and Equipment Data - 5MB file size with 419 pages is ready to download, FREE for Full memebers.

See http://www.system-maintenance.com/product.php?productid=1179&cat=&page=1


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