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Emergency Light Socket (1 Gang)

Emergency Light Socket (1 Gang)
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A BS1363 plug socket switched or un-switched has embedded emergency lighting, normal at the bottom of the plug socket. These are low voltage long-lasting light-emitting diodes that will illuminate when the mains electrical supply power to the socket is removed.
The plug socket has an internally mounted charging circuit board, this is powered via the plug sockets main 230vac power supply terminals. The bright white light emitting diodes used for the emergency lighting is powered via the 3.7V rechargeable battery and only switch on when the power to the socket is lost.

The socket operates similarly to an existing socket until it detects the power is removed when it automatically switches to battery operation. This enables LED emergency lights to stay on independently for up to three hours until the power returns.

Don't fear a power cut!

New LED socket lights up a room for up to THREE HOURS during an energy outage, Light socket made by Maxking Ltd in Bedfordshire could let people see in blackouts.

This innovative new product is set to take its place among other "standard" safety products within the home such as smoke detectors, CO detectors and intruder alarms.

LED Socket

The appliance operates similarly to the existing socket until it detects the power is removed when it automatically switches to battery operation and illuminates the bright light emitting diodes.
The rechargeable battery enables the light emitting diodes to stay on independently for up to a minimum of three hours or until the electrical power returns.

A power socket with emergency light, comprising of a power socket front switched or unswitched with a circuit board behind the socket front, a rechargeable battery and emergency light emitting diodes embedded into the socket front.

The internally mounted circuit board being provided with an external power from the sockets power supply input terminals, the rechargeable battery and the emergency light emitting diodes being in electric connection with the circuit board respectively; when the power line is connected to the socket, the emergency lights are in an off state, not illuminated; when the power line is disconnected from the external socket, fuse tripped or power cut, the emergency lights are in an on / lighted state.

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